Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico - There's A Party Going on Down in Cabo

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Miguel Loco, local singer-songwriter, and owner of Miguelocos Grill & Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico  hopes you enjoyed the "Party Goin on in Cabo" music video, and invites you to join him at his Cabo restaurant, Miguel Loco's for great mexican food, fresh seafood and steaks, and of course his great tequila, Arco Del Cabo. Miguel Loco's first CD release, "Barefoot Country, will be released during October 2010 with "Party Goin on in Cabo" and 9 other great original songs. Get on the mailing list for a signed copy of the CD by Miguel at the website.

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Miguel Locos, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico
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  • Ms.JakeLehman Banned

    Hey mike,stil love your song & video. Really captures the feelin of being there, would love to be, about now.Thanks for photo gig, and hey Brando(below )thanks for asking about "album art".How is album going?Back @ Milemarker 0 , soon. your photorapher Ms.Jake

  • brando strawn Banned

    yo crazy mike. still sounds good. what about the new album art. hope it all works out. peace love and hairgrease, adios, brando

  • Madeline Haney Banned

    Love the song! My husband and I will be down Aug 20 - 24 for a quick getaway (first time we'll be going in Aug - HOT!), we'll make sure we stop by. Bought a bottle of your tequila the last time we were down ... just can't bring myself to open the lovely bottle. May have to buy another one.